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Shaanxi Institute of Technology, founded in 1958, is a full-time public ordinary college administered by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province. The school, located in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, a famous historical and cultural city of China, covers an area of 1003 mu (668,000 square meters).

It has a current enrollment of 19,000 students. It has a teaching staff of more than 900, among which are 323 professors and associate professors, 439 teachers with dual qualifications, 507 teachers with doctor’s and master’s degrees. The college currently consists of ten schools with 53 majors in 11 categories, namely: Mechatromics Technology, Electronic Information, Biochemistry and Medicine, Economic Management, Art and so on.

Among them, it includes 1 national level “Double High” professional group, 5 majors have been approved as first-class ones of the Shaanxi higher vocational colleges, and 9 majors as provincial key first-class ones. The college has 1 national vocational college demonstrative major in equipment manufacturing, 1 national vocational college demonstrative major in health care service, 4 national demonstrative construction majors, 2 construction majors supported by central government’s finance aid, 14 provincial key majors, 6 provincial comprehensively- reforming majors, 1 national teaching resource database, 2 provincial professional teaching resource database and 5 high-quality resource-sharing courses. The institute attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' practical abilities and promotes the integration of teaching and production in an all-round way. 499 bases for practice and training have been set up in and out of the school, among which there are 12 national training bases and 2 provincial training bases. The quantity of experimental and training equipment of the whole institute adds up to 6,542 sets with a total value of 115 million RMB. "Industrial Robot Professionals Training Center" sponsored by China’s Ministry of Education has settled in our school. Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry Innovation Base has been put into use, and ZTE order classes have been set up. The institute has built factory standard training rooms in cooperation with Daimler Benz of Germany and set up Mercedes-Benz order classes. Having signed a cooperation agreement with BASF Co, Ltd, it becomes the first and only cooperative higher vocational colleges in Shaanxi Province. It has established close cooperation with Siemens, ABB, DMG MORI SEIKI and other world-renowned enterprises to cultivate high-end talents together.

In the college’s 60-year history, the college, relying on the close cooperation with the enterprises, has provided more than 100,000 outstanding technical and skilled talents for our country, and many graduates have become leaders or technical backbones of state-owned enterprises and public institutions. Ranking at the top in the quality of graduates' employment among all the higher vocational colleges in the province, it has been the" Advanced Collective of College Graduates' Employment in Shaanxi Province", and the graduates are highly praised by employers.

The college always adheres to the schooling philosophy of "educating people as the foundation, teaching as the center, employment as the guidance, and serving the development of economy and society “and the schooling mission of "serving the students and serving the society". It is with great confidence and lofty ambition that standing on the new historical starting point, the people of Shaanxi Institute of Technology will strive to develop the college into a high-level first-class vocational college.

Department of Intelligent Manufacturing(智能制造学院)

The Department of Intelligent Manufacturing is the one of the key departments for the construction project of National Demonstrative Core Higher Vocational Colleges. It has five majors: Electromechanical Integration Technology, Industrial Robot Technology, Inspection and Maintenance Technology of Mechanical Products, Numerical Technology and Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation. The major of Electromechiancal Integration Technology is one of the key construction projects of the National Demonstrative Core Higher Vocational Colleges, the key provincial major, and the first-rate major in Shaanxi Province. The department always adheres to the concept of “school-enterprise integration, industry-based, student service”, highlights the characteristics of “defining job requirements, simulating real situations, and cultivating talents with high skills”, and constantly improves the teaching organization mode of combining”teaching, learning, and doing” together, and actively explore talent training modes that meets modern higher vocational education. The department has 1 key training base in Shaanxi Province, 1 vocational training base for advanced vocational education in Shaanxi Province, 1 key collegial training base, 7 training centers, and 19 professional experimental training rooms. The existing robot innovation studio, intelligent equipment and control technology institute, artificial intelligence college students practice innovation laboratory and other innovative education platform, equipment and equipment are worth more than 20 million yuan. Currently, there are more than 25 off-campus training base with the characteristics of a “factory on campus” such as an off-campus training base, an innovation and entrepreneurship base, and a school-enterprise cooperation workstation.

Department of Artificial Intelligence(人工智能学院)

The Department of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a secondary college of our university, which has been optimized and constructed in response to The State Council's "Development Plan for a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence" and the Ministry of Education's "Artificial Intelligence Innovation Action Plan for Colleges and Universities". Mainly take the regional equipment manufacturing industry, high-end development and transformation and upgrading of the needs of the aerospace industry, give full play to the direction of artificial intelligence advantage of talents cultivation, form a high-end talent accumulation effect, explore new models of intelligent industry production-study-research cooperation. At present, our college is the first higher vocational college in Our province to comprehensively carry out teaching and scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence technology. There are seven majors in our department, which include: Electrical Automation Technology, Industrial Internet Technology, Power Supply Technology, Intelligent Control Technology, UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) Application Technology, Internet of Things Technology and Artificial Intelligence Technology. The Department has a young, high-quality teaching team, including 50 full-time and part-time teachers, 1 Provincial teaching Master, 1 Industry leading team and other national and provincial honors. Over 50% of them have senior or intermediate titles, and more than 90% with dual qualification. the Department signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Iflytek Co.Ltd, Baidu Co.Ltd, Dji Co. Ltd, Siemens and other world famous enterprises for talent training, and explore the new talent cultivation mode. The Department cooperate with Iflytek to build the first “Artificial Intelligence Modern Industrial College” in our country, cooperate with Baidu to build the firstIntelligent Industrial Networkin our country. The Department paid attention on developing new school-enterprise cooperation program, and it has high social influence nationally and provincially.

Department of Automotive Engineering(汽车工程学院)

There are seven majors in Department of Automotive Engineering. They are Automotive Inspection and Maintenance Technology, Automotive Manufacturing and Assembly Technology, New Energy Automotive Technology, Automotive Marketing and Service, Automotive Electronics Technology, Welding Technology and Automation, Physical and Chemical Testing and Quality Inspection Technology. Among them, the major of Automotive Inspection and Maintenance Technology is a key professional major in Shaanxi Province, and the major of Automotive Marketing and Service is a professional comprehensive reform pilot project in Shaanxi Province. Currently, there are more than 1300 students in the department of Automotive Engineering, 43 full-time and part-time teachers, which including 4 professors, 11 associate professors. The Department of Automotive Engineering continues to strengthen the construction of experimental training bases and provides students with a full-featured practical teaching platforms. Established on-campus training bases, connecting with companies at zero distances, and established more than 30 off-campus training bases with professional counterparts. The school carries out training on skills such as car maintenance workers, welders, and fitters, laying a solid foundation for training high-quality skilled personnel twice a year. In 2017, the Department signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Matt Automotive Services Co., Ltd, and officially became a member of the Ministry of Education Pentium ARS school-enterprise cooperation project. The Department of Automotive Engineering will be led by high-end enterprise cooperation. Schools and enterprises will work together to cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents. The Department of Automotive Engineering has always been guided by the concept of modern higher vocational education, focusing on the development of connection, fully implementing the service tenet and employment orientation, meeting the needs of enterprises development and adapting to the growth of students, and cultivating the necessary basic and professional knowledge. Higher professional position ability, better social adaptability, good sustainable development ability, and high-end skilled talents satisfying production, sales, and service are the training objectives. Over the years, graduates from various disciplines have been welcomed by employers, and the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%.

Department of Mechanical Engineering(机械工程学院)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has 6 major including Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Mould Design and Manufacturing, Aircraft Manufacturing, welding Technology, Aircraft Mechanical and Electrical maintenance, and Automation and Physical and Chemical Testing and Quality Inspection Technology, Among them, Mould Design and Manufacturing is National key major as well as Shaanxi province key majors. The department has a team of well-trained, well-structured, job-loving and excellent teachers. It has a teaching staff of 65 part-time and full-time teachers, among which are 28 associate professors and professors and 2 provincial famous teachers. Moreover, 21 teachers have studied and communicated in various countries, such as Germany, Singapore, Australia, Canada. There are also 38 teachers who have studied and communicated in various national teacher-training bases at home. The department currently has over 40 training bases inside and outside the school and build long-term relationship with many enterprises. Our graduates are featured with solid theoretical knowledge, strong practical ability, quick working position adaptation, high comprehensive quality and they are all welcomed by employers.

Department of Electronic Information(电子信息学院)

The Department of Electronic Information is one of the construction units of pilot colleges of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Education Department of Shaanxi province in 2016. It has five majors: Applied Electronic Technology, Electronic Information Engineering Technology, Microelectronics Technology, Integrated-Circuit Technology and Modern Mobile Communication Technology. Among them, the Application of Electronic Technology belongs to the key construction major of National Demonstrative Higher Vocational Colleges and the first -class major of Shaanxi province; the Microelectronic Technology is the industry shortage talents training major. The Department has a young, high-quality teaching team, including 20 full-time teachers, 19 part-time teachers, and 1 experimental training teachers. Over 65% of them have senior or intermediate titles, and more than 90% with dual qualification. It has a practical teaching base for experiments, practical training, production, scientific research, including Laboratory of Electrical Engineering, Intelligent Control Training Center, and so much more. To realize the integration with the market and improve the quality of education, we have established cooperative relationship with various large and medium-sized electronic information enterprises, such as Shaanxi Electronic Information Group, and CSIC Dong Yi Technology and Industry, and established 9 long-term stable training bases outside school. The recent employment rate is over 98%. Now, we have set up 7 training and assessment for the professional skills of electronic information.

Department of Computer and Software(计算机与软件学院)

The Department of Computer and Software is composed of four sections: Network Technology Teaching and Research Section, Software Technology Teaching and Research Technology, ZTE Communication School, Network Management Center. In recent years, the initial employment rate of graduates has reached 96%. The department has six majors: Computer Network Technology, Software Technology, Cloud Computing Technology and Application, Big Data Technology and Application, Mobile Application and Development. Software Technology is a first-rate major in Shaanxi Province; Network Technology is a provincial key major; ZTE Communication Innovation School is a characteristic section. The department boasts the Ministry of education-ZTE ICT industry innovation base, a comprehensive cabling training room, a network training room, a comprehensive network training room, a training room of the Internet things skill competition, a software comprehensive training room, a software innovation center, a mobile Internet training room, a embedded system training room, and a single-chip computer training room, which form an integrated practical teaching base for experiment, training, production and research. The department has carried out a deep school-enterprise cooperation with ZTE, Beijing Huasheng Jingshi Information Technology Co Ltd, and launched school-enterprise cooperation with Xi`an Changhe, Shanghai Jisheng Liye, Nanjing Fifty-fifth institute, Tencent, Beijing Big Data Research Institute, Microsoft China, New Continent Sihe Tiandi, Tongfang Computer and other companies.

Department of Chemical Engineering(化学工程学院)

The Department of Chemical Engineering was awarded the “National Advanced Unit for Vocational Education” by the Ministry of education, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office. It has five specialties: Fine Chemical Technology, Petrochemical Technology, Applied Chemical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology and Fire and Safety engineering. Among them, Fine Chemical Technology major is provincial-level key specialties and provincial-level key specialties and national key institutions major construction majors, and Petrochemical Technology is provincial-level key specialties and provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilots, and the Application of Chemical Technology is a province-level comprehensive reform pilot professional. There are more than 50 staffs, including professors, associate professors, senior engineers` titles accounted for more than 30 of teachers, professional teachers in the “double-qualified” teachers accounted for more than 96.77%, full-time teachers with post-graduate education accounted for more than 95%. More than 10 teachers have studied and communicated in Germany, Australia, Singapore and other countries. The department has first-rate experimental training and teaching equipment and facilities. The “Three Centers, Two Bases, and One Workshop” consisting of the Basic Chemical Experiment Center, Chemical Engineering Experiment Center, Chemical Analysis and Testing Center, Chemical Engineering Technology Training Base and Chemical Production Training Workshop have been completed. The Department has established a school-enterprise cooperation relationship with a number of large and medium-sized chemical companies in Shaanxi and surrounding areas, and has achieved convergence with the market. The graduates were welcomed by the company. They were successively listed by China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation Changqing Petrochemical CompanySamsung Huanxin(Xi`an) Power Battery Co., Ltd and all other more than 30 enterprises.

Department of Architecture and Thermal Engineering(建筑与热能工程学院)

The Department of Architecture and Thermal Energy Engineering now has four majors: Construction Engineering Technology, Construction Cost, Road and Bridge Engineering Technology, and Engineering Measurement Technology, among which Construction Engineering Technology is a key provincial major. Currently, there are more than 1700 students and 43 faculty and staff members, including 13 professors and associate professors, 21 lecturers and engineers, and more than 70% of the teachers have “dual-qualified” qualities. There are 18 professional laboratories and 10 training bases inside and outside the school. It pays attention to the improvement of students` comprehensive abilities, utilizes high-quality teaching resources such as experiments and training bases, and relies on scientific research institutes and enterprises and institutions of national science and technology, adopts talent training and cultivates high-quality technical and skilled talents for the production line. Over the years, the employment rate of graduates has been above 98%, and they gained acceptance from their employers.

Department of Economics and Management(经济管理学院)

The Department of Economics and Management currently has eleven majors, including Accounting, Auditing, Financial Management, Marketing, E-commerce, Human Resource management, Logistics Management, Chain Management, The Elderly Service and Management, Community Management and Services, and High-speed Rail Passenger Services. It has over 90 teachers and administrative staff, including over 25 professors, associate professors, senior economists, engineers, and over 30 lecturers, accountants, economists and engineers. There are 8 professional laboratory training rooms and 18 training bases inside and outside the school.

Over the years, the Department of Economic and Management has actively explored the mode of talent training, raised the quality of talents training, and paid attention to the training of high-end skilled personnel. It has also conducted cooperation and order training with large enterprises and institutions such as Alibaba, Jingdong, SF Express etc, We signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Japan Mizuho Pension Association to jointly train international high-end pension talents. Graduates are well received by employers, with employment rates above 98%.

The department of Economic and Management will keep track of advanced management theories and technologies both at home and abroad. In the spirit of “Unity, cooperation, professionalism and innovation”, and with the aim of training highly qualified technical personnel, it will actively promote quality education, improve the quality of education in all respects, strictly administer and educate people, and train more highly qualified technical personnel for enterprises and society.

Department of Art(艺术与设计学院)

The Department of Art currently has 2 majors: Digital Media Application Technology and Interior Art Design, which has been deeply integrated with the Huyi District with the reputation of Painting Town in regional culture, and also with advertising, animation, architecture, decoration, exhibition, e-commerce and other industries, aiming to cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents in advertisement design, visual communication design, interior design, environmental art design, website art design, animation design, multimedia production and so on. The department has a digital media training room, a professional painting stdio, a photography studio, an art studio, a design training center (including a 3Dmax interior design training room, an animation training room, an plane design training room), and 4 teaching central computer rooms with nearly 200 computers in total, which can provide basic computer application skill training for students.

The Department of Arts boasts a teaching staff with high professional quality and long-term experience in art design. The students of the department have won the provincial and national awards many times in the national three-dimensional innovation design competition and the national higher vocational college animation skill competition.